Monday 18 February 2008

7 Ways to Learn Super Fast With Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

It's never been easier to learn the guitar quickly using online resources. You can go on to Youtube and find instructions on just about any song and be playing pretty much anything you want - impressing the heck out of your friends and family in no time at all.
So that's great for the experienced and seasoned player but what's the best way to get started for the complete beginner? Read on and I'll reveal some top tips to kick start your guitar journey into top gear. Combine them with some high quality online guitar lessons for beginners and you'll be up and jamming like a pro before you know it.

Practice every day - you can't learn and develop at break neck speed if you just have a long session on the weekend. You need to develop your skill every day.
Get motivated before a session - practicing chords and scales can get boring so make sure you listen to and preferably watch one of your idols to spur you on through the tough times.
Set out a roadmap to follow - without an instructor you're going to develop your own course to steer you through.
Only focus on learning one or two songs at a time - The key word here is focus.. focus focus focus! If you try and take on too much at once you won't get anything done.
Break songs down into different parts - don't try and play a hard song all the way through when you start learning it, learn the verse, learn it very well then the chorus, then put them together - the adage "how do you eat an elephant? - one bite at a time" really rings true here.
Play along to music - this is the fastest way to develop skills, timing and overall technique.
Learn to read tab - last but not least this is essential. Reading tab is different to reading music, it's very easy and opens the doors to learning anything you want very quickly.
The biggest problem with online guitar lessons for beginners is having a structured learning progression and staying motivated. An instructor will be able to tailor your lessons to what you want to learn. Most of the online resources are 1-size-fits-all, but then again that is reflected in the price.
Learning the guitar from the beginning can be tough when you go it on your own. But you can do it, as long as you understand that it's down to you to manage your motivation and expectations. If you're smart you'll find a way to apply some accelerated learning and achievement tools to your guitar learning materials and achieve your dreams quicker than you thought possible.
Peter Webber is a self taught guitarist and author of the []Free Accelerated Online Guitar Lessons course which provides a completely unique mix of guitar learning materials with goal setting, learning and achievement tools to help budding beginner guitarists achieve their dreams using online resources only.
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