Saturday 19 January 2008

Learn Guitar From Home

Learning to play the guitar is an ambition of many people but most people never have the time. Guitar is possibly the most sought after instrument for budding musicians or people who just want a hobby. I myself have learned to play the guitar and i have been playing for 6 years now. I taught myself how to play by trying to learn songs by my favorite bands at the time. It took a long time and a lot of practice (and some very sore fingers!) to get better. I do regret not getting proper lessons though as you tend to pick up a lot of bad habits. Getting lessons is difficult for some people though as they have jobs to go to or have no one in their area who can teach them.

As far as equipment goes it depends on what your budget is really. I started with an all in one starter pack that included an electric guitar, amp, strap, spare strings and cables and a couple of picks. You can find these kind of deals at most guitar shops and online but it just depends on each dealer as to the quality of the equipment. I had an Epiphone les paul and a Peavey amp to begin with and i found the les paul quite a good one to start with as it has quite a warm sound and tone and is good for a punchy kind of rock sound. The neck was quite a thin one which also helped for the fingering techniques and to reach all the strings for trickier chords which is a big help when you start to learn the guitar.

When i started i just played songs i like and the easiest guitar songs to learn were, for me, from bands like Oasis, Verve, Travis, Stereophonics and so on, because many of the songs had only 4 or 5 different chords and they were the same chords in most of the songs.

I would definitely recommend learning the songs you like to begin with as it will keep your enthusiasm up and you will enjoy it more. You can buy official song books with the guitar tabs in them or you can find many guitar tab sharing sites in the net to download the tabs and keep it on your computer. There are also many sites where you can learn guitar online from the comfort of your own home.

You should just look around and see what takes your fancy. The internet has plenty of sites that offer great deals all the time especially for people starting out at playing the guitar.
Certainly practice is the most important thing when it comes to playing an instrument and guitar is no different. So get practicing!